How do I get a Bytecoin Wallet?

Before you can start mining or buying Bytecoin, you need a Bytecoin wallet. Fortunately, getting a wallet is simple, you can check out our step by step guide here.

How do I start mining Bytecoin?

Mining Bytecoin is super easy to do once you have the right tools. You can check out our step by step guide here.

How do I buy Bytecoin?

You can buy Bytecoin if you’re interested in investing. You can check out our step by step guide here.

What is the pool jackpot?

The pool jackpot is our way of giving back to the miners that we appreciate so much. We created a custom algorithm that pays out based on a random set of variables. This is like a lottery and is not a common prize, we are working to make the jackpot a more common occurrence, so stay tuned!


How do I set a fixed difficulty?

You can set a fixed difficulty by adding adding a “.” and your chosen difficulty at the end of your wallet ID within your config files.

Example for a fixed difficulty of 2000:

Ensure you find a good medium, too low and you could be banned for share spamming (plus low shares won’t earn as much BCN)

Why does it say I have earned 0 BCN?

This pool uses a proportional mining method, therefore your stats will only update once a block is unlocked. You may feel like you’re earning less compared to other pool methods, but you’ll realize shortly after a block is unlocked that a proportional pool is much more rewarding.

Why was I banned?

Our pool uses a very aggressive form of banning, this is to protect your profits as well as our server. The most common reason for a ban is that you were submitting invalid shares, this is usually due to outdated mining software. Most bans are only temporary and you can continue mining within 5 minutes. However, if you are caught attacking the pool or making any malicious attempts against the pool, you will be banned permanently, no questions asked.